2 step In House Process

Step 1 - Strategic analysis and scoping of opportunities

  • 1. Understanding of investment Targets, Criteria's & Strategy
  • 2. Identifying Assets in our opportunity funnel that fits best your strategic outlook & goals ,based on our Technical & strategic and commercial knowledge of the proposed areas.
  • 3. Description and high level analysis of identified opportunities (on technical, financial and strategic aspects).

Step 2 - Propose opportunities in exclusivity to client and facilitate direct introduction to opportunity holder + offer a Roadmap to Transaction.

  • 1. Introduction of transaction opportunities in the form of Farm-ins, Asset Acquisitions and Corporate Transactions, in exclusivity to client.
  • 2. Direct Introduction to the decision makers of the Selling Party (executives, board member, principal shareholders) with the intent to initiate a direct negotiation process.
  • 3. Reports and advice on negotiation strategy all along the process.

We also assist in related New Business Development functions such as Strategy definition, risk analysis, portfolio review & optimization, Country Business intelligence & Relations, Asset & Company Valuation.


We can help you answer...

   What are the most commercially attractive offshore/onshore provinces?
   Which country is safest for my investment in terms of stability of economy, money repatriation and changes in contract terms?
   What are the best fiscal terms I can find in areas with good prospectivity and low commercial risk?


Expected value calculation, decision Tree, value of information and chance of success.


Asset portfolio management: Pareto ranking Analysis, risk Reward strategy matrix.


We also offer, Country / Region competitive intelligence and lobbying (for ex Kurdistan) Services, Assistance in Regulatory process.


We also offer integrated investment opportunity valuation services for Oil & Gas upstream projects covering all disciplines and functions in the value chain.

We typically offer:

   Oil & Gas contract Modeling
   Economic appraisal and determination of commerciality
   Evaluation of profitability and investment metric calculation
   Technical Due Diligence